About Global coursework

Our Journey

Global coursework was established in 2012 in London. Rooted in a comprehensive understanding of the various challenges students face during their coursework completion, we took our first steps. The academic pressure, competition, and the high costs of study materials often pose significant barriers to students’ knowledge acquisition and understanding of their course modules. Acknowledging these challenges, we built a platform where we provide substantial resources and study materials for students worldwide.

Global Coursework envisions a future where we stand as a globally acknowledged beacon of support for students in their academic progression. We aspire to be the ultimate mentor, providing unwavering guidance in coursework completion and research initiatives. Our focus is to continually redefine the boundaries of educational assistance, becoming an indispensable resource for learners worldwide.


Our mission at Global Coursework is to embody transparency and integrity in all our operations while delivering exceptional services to our learners. We aim to enhance the depth and breadth of learning through top-notch resources, ensuring seamless access on our digital platform. We commit to provide roundthe-clock services, personalized consultations, and bespoke guidance to each learner, promoting problem-solving and intellectual growth.

Our Aims & Goals

At Global Coursework, we aim to support students facing challenges and difficulties with their coursework. Our goals extend to helping students enhance their knowledge and understanding on developing research proposals and conducting valid and reliable research work. Our key objectives include:

  • Assisting students in understanding and resolving their coursework problems
  • Guiding students in essay and report writing.
  • Helping students develop research proposals.
  • Supporting students in conducting academic research.
  • Assisting students in broadening their knowledge and understanding on different modules including research methods, business, health and social care, education, nursing, and travel and tourism.
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    Our Team

    Our team is made up of experienced and dedicated professionals passionate about education and eager to support students in their academic journey. With a diverse set of skills and knowledge, our team is prepared to provide the highest quality of service to all our users

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