About Global Coursework

Global Coursework was founded in 2012. It started its journey from London by experiencing the challenges that students face in the way of their courses completion. Due to high pressure, high competition and high costs study materials including books and journals, many students face difficulties to gain knowledge and understanding on their course modules. Additionally, many students face challenges in understanding their coursework questions and solutions of coursework. Global Coursework has huge resources and study materials for students across the world. It has now over 10 million documents, and additionally it is adding more than 1 million papers in every year. This means Global Coursework is an online platform where students over the world can access more than 10 million study resources and materials. Students can easily find out coursework problems and solutions, study guides, class notes, as well as step-by-step explanation of every single module they are studying. Students can learn easily and deeply from Global Coursework because they can find out what they need and want.




Our Vision

Our vision is to be a globally recognized mentor for students to support them in their coursework and academic research works.


Our Mission

-To be open and honest in our services and all other activities.

-To provide excellent services to the learners with our skilled and experienced staffs.

-To increase knowledge and understanding of learning through our quality learning resources and materials.

-To make easily accessible of our learning resources and materials in our website so that learners can easily access to their desired resources and can gain knowledge.

-To be flexible in providing 24 hours’ services.

-To provide one-to-one consultancy with our expert consultant if any student/learner face difficulties to access to our resources and materials from our website.

-To provide one-to-one guideline to the learners/students who face difficulties on solving the problem of particular coursework and/or module.


Our Aims and Goals

The key aim of Global Coursework is to support the students who are facing challenges and difficulties in solving their coursework. Additionally, Global Coursework aims to help the students to improve their knowledge and understanding on developing research proposal and conducting valid and reliable research work. The key objectives of Global Coursework are: 

-To help the students in understanding their coursework and solving out the coursework questions

-To guide the students in essay and report writing 

-To help the students in developing research proposals

-To help the students in conducting academic research work

-To support the students in developing their knowledge and understanding on different modules including research methods, business, health and social care, education, nursing, travel and tourism.